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Smart N5

349.00 EUR

(excl. VAT)

0.00 EUR

Monthly costs

With every myPOS device you get:

0 Days

Payout in an instant

0.00 EUR

Dashboard and reporting

0.00 EUR

Phone, email and chat support

0.00 EUR

Merchant account with IBAN

1 Year


30 Days

Money-back guarantee

Payment app

Accept chip, magstripe cards and contactless payments quickly, safely and securely.

Top-up App

Recharge prepaid services offered by 779+ service operators and give more value to customers

Register App

Manage your items and inventory in a stress-free way, without complicated software.

MO/TO app

Process card-not-present transactions over the phone or by email fast and conveniently.

Payment Request App

Send a Payment Request by SMS or via email - get paid in seconds even if you don’t have a website.


Empower your business with the right combination of tailor-made business apps.

GiftCards app

Add GiftCards to your arsenal of marketing tools and boost sales and brand awareness



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